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Residential Ocean Liner - Experience


Promenade Deck - World Shopping Center

Experience Health Sciences Center - Luxury Residential Ocean Liner Provisions International Groceries & Supplies Deck Level O Floor Plans Footprints. Residential Ocean Liner Experience, Promenade Level P Floor Plans Footprint, Luxury Retail Complex, Luxury Ocean Liner Retail Areas Available For Lease.

Residential Ocean Liner Experience, Starboard Profile, Click on colored area to View our Health Sciences Center, Provisions International Groceries & Supplies on Level O, Shopping Center, Promenade Level P, Floorplans Footprints


Experience Cruise Resort Clubs M and N

Luxury Cruises, Luxury Ocean Liner Resorts, Vacation Homes and Properties with Ownership Programs similar to Timeshare / Time Share, Fractional or Joint Ownerships, Ocean Liner Extreme Luxury Estates and Residences.

 Seven Wonders Of The Seas Ocean Liner Experience Overview, The Ideal Place to Live and Work, Luxury Ocean Liner Development Venture.

Experience Luxury Penthouses

Experience Health Sciences / Provisions

Experience Luxury Homes C and D

Experience Cruise Resort Clubs Q and R

Experience Luxury Estates E and F Experience Residential Estate Quarters
Experience Luxury Homes G and H Experience Staff Quarters / Engineering
Experience Luxury Cruise Resort Clubs

Experience Specifications / Features

Experience Enterplex Entertainment

All Ocean Liner Experience Levels

  The Promenade Shopping Complex and Art Gallery.
Level P Luxury Shopping Complex
Luxury Ocean Liner Experience, Promenade Deck Luxury Retail Shopping Complex & Art Gallery, Ocean Liner luxury shopping center areas available for lease from Residential Cruise Liner Corporation.

Luxury ocean liner experience luxury shopping center and art gallery, offering the finest available merchandise and products.  Fine apparel, artistic creations, custom crafted jewelry, music from various categories and performers, collector pieces, golf equipment, scuba diving gear, swim wear, just to mention a few.  As you cruise, you can relax and enjoy all of the options you have.

Integrated into this area of the complex is our art gallery, displaying fine works of art for sale from various international artists and various mediums, so as you shop you can enjoy the artistic creations and maybe even select a piece to buy and display in your residence.  Encircling this area is the promenade deck, for leisurely walks, window shoppers, or fantastic views of the world around you.  All decks merge here and provide access to shore tenders.

When we are docked at a port, you can invite family and friends onboard to shop onboard while we are visiting. This facility will be open to the public, but only by invitation, when we visit a city or port. All visitors invited must be registered in our security system prior to boarding. Store business owners who lease property in our complex will be inviting guests aboard to look at the exclusive products and merchandise they have for sale in their stores.

Port side, aft and starboard side are our life boat stations and security boats.  Life boats, shore tenders, and security boats are mounted transverse to the port side and starboard twin hulls, with additional lifeboats added to the aft (stern), increasing saving capabilities.  Our twin hull super liners have twice the number of lifeboats required for the safety of your family and friends.

Click on the footprint of Level P, (left) for further information.  Store areas and business suites are available for lease to quality vendors, from Residential Cruise Liner Corporation.

Complex Areas Available For LeaseLuxury Ocean Liner Experience - Promenade Deck - World Shopping Center and Art Gallery, Experience shopping onboard the worlds largest ocean liner.

Residential Ocean Liners Inc. Ocean Home.

Residential Ocean Liners

Experience Deck Floorplans / Footprints A to Z

Ocean Liner Experience Home Floor Plans Choices A to Z

Ocean Liner Experience Property Prices A to Z

What's located on each deck level of our Cruise Liners


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As a connoisseur of life, experience the exquisite expression of extravagance, with the expectation of extreme excellence, aboard a technology advanced, twin hull, luxury Residential Ocean Liner , The world's most luxurious.

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World ocean liner luxury home choices, family vacation homes, cruise business, owner ship, cruises, vacations, travel, and world living.

If you have any questions about our luxurious liners, our resort club, business, our global resorts, our international ship residences, our private residence club on the sea, hotel services, our global properties, our cruises, our family resort, cruise ownership, vacation ownerships, or fractional ownership programs - just ask e-mail contacts for -

We have ideal places to live and enjoy retirement living at the finest resorts.  Perfect second residence options, an ultimate retirement home or winter escape option.  Best place to retire, relax, and enjoy life. Compare to other international real estate for sale. Compare to a condo development investment, the opportunity and value.

The Largest Residential Cruise Ship In The World

Beyond what You could Imagine, global living aboard our twin hull  residential ocean liner, a global line.
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