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Luxury Ocean Liner

Penthouse Level A

44  Luxury Penthouses

Luxurious World Class Spa & Martial Arts Fitness Center

The World of private residences on the sea.


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This is a view of the deck floor plans looking from the top.

Residential Ocean Liner Luxury Spa and Martial Arts Fitness Center with an Ocean View, Wellness for the Mind Body and Soul. Penthouse Estates Level A, Luxury Penthouses Custom Built to Your Expectation. Click here for further Information an Pricing on Residential Ocean Liner Homes at Sea. Global Ocean Liner Penthouse Homes, The most luxurious penthouse homes in the world. Residential Ocean Liner Penthouses Level A, Custom Built Ocean View Luxury Penthouses, Private Penthouse Estate Homes at Sea aboard Luxury Residential Ocean Liners, World Spa and Martial Arts Fitness Center Aft.






Experience Overview

Ocean Liner Experience Penthouses, Luxury Penthouse Homes at Sea, Luxurious Penthouses Completely Custom Built to Extreme Detail, Deck Levels A and B, Residential Ocean liner Penthouse Home for global living onboard, not a cruise ship. Luxury Estates - Ocean Liner Experience Luxury Homes on levels C D E F G and H, Luxury Ocean residences for global living and a quality lifestyle, an ideal place to live, the best place to retire. Residential Ocean Liner Resorts, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs with owning similar to Timeshare, Time Share, Timeshares, Time Shares, Fractional, Ownership Properties, Our Property Owner Ship Programs are Different and Unique, Cruise Ownerships or Cruise Business Owner Ships. Ocean Liner Experience Health Sciences Center and Medical Services, a complete hospital onboard, Provisions International Groceries and Supplies Deck Level O Aboard all Of Our Luxury Cruise Liners. Luxury at It's Best, Luxurious Estate Homes at Sea, Magnificent Properties, An Experience in Living Like No Other, an ideal place to live in the Caribbean islands, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Florida, and other places around the world. Luxury Living Quarters, Ocean Liner Luxury Personnel Suites. Ultimate Ocean Liner Dream Homes, Residential / Resort Complex Experience, Technologically Advanced Luxury Estates, Luxury Residences, Cruise Resort Clubs Cruises and Vacations, Fractional Ownership, Cruise Owner Ships, Entertainment, Promenade Deck Retail Shopping Complex, Estate Living Quarters. Ocean Liner Experience, Entertainment Complex Levels K and L, Billiards, Golf, Simulators, Tennis, Waterfalls, Ocean Estates, ocean residences Port Starboard and Aft. Experience - Luxury Penthouses, Luxury Estates, Cruise Resort Clubs, Medical Health Sciences Center, Provisions, Entertainment Leisure, Retail Shopping Center, Luxury Estate Homes, Luxury Living Quarters and Suites, Residential World Ocean Liners, Perfect Lifestyle, The Best Climate, Luxury at it's Best, If You Want Better, or Looking for The Best Place to Live out of all Places in the World, this is ideal.
Excellence Overview
Ocean Liner Excellence, Penthouse Estates, Dream homes, Exotic Travel, Vacation Homes, International Travel From Paradise to Paradise, Luxury Estates with Terraces, Verandas or Lanai, The Perfect Place to Live. Penthouse estates Ranging in Size from 1,330 Sq. Ft. to 6,000 sq. ft., Hybrid Cabinety, Customizable Floor Plans, Standard home Automation Features, Ocean Liner Excellence Spa and Martial Arts Fitness Center Located Aft. Luxury Estates ranging in Size from 1,000 to 8,000 Sq. Ft., Ocean View Dream Homes at Sea, Custom Built Ocean Liner Excellence Luxury Estates. Two Week Luxury Cruises and vacations at our resorts, Cruise Resort Ownership Plans, Fractional ownership, cruise business owner ships, Culinations - A Selection of International Restaurants Aboard an Ocean Going Residential Luxury Liner. Transverse Life Boats, Promenade Deck Retail Complex, Medical Center, Groceries and Supplies, Amenities, Services, Delicatessen, Ocean Liner Excellence. Luxury Estates, Prices from $631,000 U.S., Ocean Liner Excellence Entertainment and Leisure Time Complex, Tennis, Sports Bar, Competitions Lounge, Bowling, Golf, Simulators, Movie Theaters, Basketball, Enterplex Entertainment Facilities. Endless Floorplans Available, decks S T U and V, Ocean Liner Excellence Estate Quarters, from The Largest Mansion in The World to The Most Practical Home, The Perfect Place to Live, an ideal place to retire. Staff Residences, complete with Computers, Furnishings, Technology, International Travel with Ultimate Amenities. Ocean Liner Excellence, State of The Art Ocean Liner with Penthouse estates, Luxury Homes, Estate Quarters, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Staff Staterooms, Personnel Suites, Numerous Amenities and Services, World Travel.
Extravagance Overview
Ultimate Homes, Ocean Liner Extravagance, Designer Penthouses, Luxury World Travel to the Worlds Most exciting Places, Spa, Million Dollar Estates, Environment Research Center, Retired or Getting Ready to Retire?, See the World from Your Home at Sea. Ocean Liner Extravagance Penthouse residences, Deck Levels A and B, Ultimate Penthouses aboard The seven Wonders Of The Seas Ocean Liners, a luxury penthouse residence at sea for global living, a better place to live. Endless Interior Design Possibilites, Custom Crafted Luxury Estates Levels C D E F G and H, Homes with Terrace, Veranda or Lanai, Ocean Liner Extravagance international residences with no residential property taxes, compare to island homes. Holiday Home Ownerships, Programs similar to Time Shares / Timeshares, Fractional Ownership, Cruise Resort Club Vacation Homes, Luxury Ocean Liner Cruises, Not a Cruise Ship, Extravagance Cruise Resorts, Own Your Own Resort Cruise Business?. Ocean Liner Extravagance Promenade Deck Retail Shopping Complex and Art Gallery, Health Sciences Center, Concierge services, Provisions International Groceries and Supplies, Life Boat Stations, Level O and P. Ocean Liner Extravagance Luxury Staff Accommodations, Larger than Cruise Ship Staterooms, Elegant Residential Ocean Liner Homes. Ultimate Entertainment Complex, Ocean Liner Extravagance, An Extensive Selection of Pass time Recreational and Leisure Activities, Custom Built Ocean Estates, Properties That Travel Where You Do. Ocean liner extravagance estate suites and quarters, a good selection of properties, residence at sea deck levels S T U and V. Luxurious Ocean Liner Properties, Technology Advanced Ocean Liner Extravagance Luxury Homes, Penthouses, Extravagant Homes, Ultimate Homes, Unique Homes, Luxury Estates, Estate Suites, Business Opportunities, Cruise Resort Business Owner Ship Programs, World Travel.
Extreme Overview
Dream Homes at Sea, Ocean Liner Extreme quality homes, Deck Levels Information, Custom Crafted Penthouses, Estates, Estate Suites, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Cruise Owner Ship Programs similar to Timeshares, Timeshare, Fractional Ownerships, Retail, Leisure, Fun. Estates, Luxury Ocean Liner Estates, Deck Floor Plans Level C D E F G and H, Luxury Homes, The Wave special Events area for Corporate Conferences, Weddings etc., Business Services Center, Ocean Environment Research, State of The Art Ocean Liner Extreme Homes. Ocean Liner Extreme Penthouse Homes, Penthouse deck Level A and B, International Residences at Sea with Terrace, Veranda or Lanai, Designed and Crafted to Perfection, ocean front penthouse homes. Fractional Ownership, Cruise Resort Club Vacation Residences, Deck Levels I J M N Q and R, Similar to Timeshare Properties, Two Week Luxury Cruises to Tropical Islands in The Caribbean, Your Own Resort Properties. Promenade Deck Retail shopping complex and art gallery aboard Luxury Ocean Liner Extreme, Luxury Products, 24 hour Concierge Service, Areas available For Lease, Health Sciences Center. Ocean Liner Estates, Ocean Liner Extreme Entertainment Levels K and L, Golfing Simulators, Practice Golf Course, Tennis, Billiards, Entertainment Rooms, Movie Theaters, Basketball, Bowling. Ocean Liner Extreme Luxury Living Quarters, Luxury Liner Extreme Estate Homes level S T U and V, Luxurious Features, Integrated Biometric Security, Single or Multiple Floor Homes, Distinctive Cabinetry, Favorable Climate, Controlled Entry, Sophisticated Technology, Unique. Deck Floor Plans Level W X Y and Z, Luxury Staff Living Quarters with Equivalent Features to our other Properties, Ocean Liner Extreme. Ocean Liner Extreme, onboard Health Sciences Center - a complete hospital aboard our luxury cruise liners, and Provisions International Groceries. Ocean Liner Extreme, Homes, Penthouses, Luxury Estates, Ocean Residences, Cruise Resort Clubs, Leisure, Shopping Center, Estate Homes, Staff Suites, State of The Art Ocean Liner, not a cruise ship.
Expectation Overview
Ocean Liner Expectation, 88 various Penthouses, Estates with Great Ocean Views, two Week Cruises, Travel in Comfort to Hawaii, California, or Take a Trans Atlantic Trip, Luxury Estates, Commercial - Residential - Resorts Complex. Ocean Liner Expectation Luxury Penthouses, Custom Designed and Built Penthouses, Live aboard and cruise with elegance in your ocean liner residence to global destinations. Ocean Liner Expectation Luxury Estates, Custom Crafted Luxury Homes at Sea, a home in the Caribbean, a place to live around the world aboard our luxury cruise liners, compare to other homes for sale. Ocean Liner Expectation Resorts, owning annual cruises and vacations, You can Own Ocean Liner Resort Property with our Cruise Business Owner Ship Programs through Cruise Resort Clubs, Minimum Two Week Vacation Cruises. Ocean Liner Expectation, Promenade Deck Retail Shopping Center and Art Gallery, Health Sciences Center, Pharmacy, Provisions Grocery Store, 24 hour Concierge Service. Golf practice course, Casino Enterplex, International performances, Motion Picture Theaters, Billiards Rooms and More, Ocean Liner Expectation Entertainment and Leisure Complex. Ocean Liner Expectation Luxury Estate Living Quarters, Custom Built Estate Homes at Sea, global residences for quality world living. Ocean Liner Expectation Staff Quarters, Residences with Quality Appliances, Furnishings, and Integrated Technology Features, Deck Levels W X Y. Seven Wonders Of The Seas Ocean Liner Expectation, State of The Art Custom Built Homes with Technology Advanced Features, Global Travel with an Emphasis on World Environment Protection and Preservation, Not a Cruise Ship.

Exquisite Overview

Ocean Liner Exquisite Penthouse Estates, Luxury Penthouses Custom Designed and Built to Suit by Builder of Your Dreams, Penthouses an levels A and B. Luxury estates, Ocean Liner Exquisite Luxury Estates at Sea, Custom Designed and Built Estates Homes, Deck Level C D E F G and H. Ocean Liner Resorts, Cruise Resort Vacation Club Luxury Cruises, Cruise Owner Ship Programs similar to Time Share or Timeshares, cruise business owner ship, vacation ownership, fractional ownership. Deck Level O, Ocean Liner Exquisite Health Sciences Center, a complete hospital onboard. Luxury Estate Living, Unique Luxury Homes at Sea, Custom Designed and Crafted Estates, Luxury living accommodations at sea, second homes, quality retirement living. Exquisite Staff Living Quarters. Exquisite Homes, Exquisite Penthouses, Luxury Residential Ocean Liner Estates, Luxury Cruises, Technology Enhanced Custom built Properties, State of the Art Ocean Liner Exquisite. Ocean Liner Exqisite, State of The Art Entertainment Complex, Leisure Activities, Competitions Lounge, Golf, Swimming Pools, and More, Located Starboard, Port and Aft are our Luxury Ocean Estates. Ocean Liner Exquisite, Promenade Shopping Center and Art gallery, Luxury Products from around the world. Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxury Estates, Luxury Penthouse Homes, Luxurious Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, ocean residences and vacation homes.
Expression Overview
Magnificent Penthouse Estates, Luxurious Ocean Liner Penthouses, Deck Levels A an B of our penthouse ocean residences. Ocean Liner Expression, Multi Million Dollar Homes, Luxury Estates Custom Built to Suit, luxurious ocean residences and private residence club homes. Expression Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Programs similar to Time Share / Timeshare / Fractional Ownership, Not a Cruise Ship or Cruise Line, Residential Ocean Liners. Deck Level O, Health Sciences Medical Center, Pharmacy, Personal Health Care, Aft - Provisions International Groceries and Supplies, Concierge Services, Delicatessen, Wine Cellar Choices. Estate Living Quarters, Levels S through to Level V, Endless Travel, Retirement Living, Residential Ocean Liner Expression Dream Homes at Sea. Ocean Liner Expression Staff Quarters, Luxury Suites Deck Levels W X Y, Quality Appliances, Advanced Integrated Technology Features. Ocean Residences aboard Luxury Cruise Liners, Ocean Liner Expression Ocean Residences, Located on over fifty billion picturesque acres of ever changing views, Future Style New Homes at Sea, Open Concept Designs, Penthouse Properties, Luxury Estates, Vacation Resorts, Entertainment Complex. Ocean View Estates Perimeter the Entertainment and Leisure Areas, Deck Level K and L Ocean front residences, Casino Enterplex, Tennis Courts, Billiards Rooms, Motion Picture Theaters, Racquetball, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, and More. Twin Hull Ocean Liner Expression Residences, Designer Homes, Great Ocean View Estates, Luxury World Travel, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Resorts with Cruise Ownership Programs, Almost Always Perfect Weather, Best Climate, State of The Art Residential Ocean Liners, Not A Cruise Ship.
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Luxurious penthouse estates aboard our residential ocean liners are completely custom crafted by Builder Of Your Dreams.  All penthouses for sale come standard with exquisite amenities and services for living onboard.  Our layered biometric security systems provide superior controlled access / entry to your home at sea, equipped with integral scanning and monitoring devices which continuously cross reference all of your pre-registered information, allowing our computer systems to positively identify who you are and where you are at all times.  Although 75% of these properties include oceanfront verandas / terraces, and 25% with a lanai, all properties are equipped with a unique viewing system, which supply great views from any home, including on screen environment displaying exterior temperatures and time.

Aft on Levels A & B is our ultra luxurious spa and martial arts fitness center.  Pamper yourself with one of the many treatments that will be available.

Our health sciences center is outfitted with everything required for quality health care no matter where in the world we travel to.  Provisions International Groceries & Supplies carry just about anything you'll need in the kitchen.  Shopping on the promenade deck, fine cuisine aft of Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs on level I and J.  If you require extra space for friends or family on vacation, or business associates, holiday homes at Cruise Resorts Club are available as well.

The places we will be living are numerous.  We will live in the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Hawaii, South Pacific Island destinations, California, Florida, Canada, and many other global destinations.  We will spend a couple of days or more at each place we visit and then travel on to experience the next destination.  The lifestyle will be relaxed and very comfortable onboard our twin hull residential liner compared to other ships.

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Your Endless Voyage Home

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New Zealand Australia Fiji Hawaii
Canada British Columbia Nova Scotia PEI
Costa Rica Central America Morocco South Pacific
Tropical Island Escape The South Seas Private Escapes Europe
Brazil New York The Carolinas Texas
Gulf Of Mexico Atlantic The Mediterranean Africa
The Bahamas Barcelona Turks and Caicos Islands Tahiti
Caribbean Islands England Italy Global
California Florida Mexico Paradise
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As a connoisseur of life, experience the exquisite expression of extravagance, with the expectation of extreme excellence, aboard a technology advanced, twin hull, luxury Residential Ocean Liner , The world's most luxurious.

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World ocean liner luxury home choices, family vacation homes, cruise business, owner ship, cruises, vacations, travel, and world living.

If you have any questions about our luxurious liners, our resort club, business, our global resorts, our international ship residences, our private residence club on the sea, hotel services, our global properties, our cruises, our family resort, cruise ownership, vacation ownerships, or fractional ownership programs - just ask e-mail contacts for -

We have ideal places to live and enjoy retirement living at the finest resorts.  Perfect second residence options, an ultimate retirement home or winter escape option.  Best place to retire, relax, and enjoy life. Compare to other international real estate for sale. Compare to a condo development investment, the opportunity and value.

The Largest Residential Cruise Ship In The World

Beyond what You could Imagine, global living aboard our twin hull  residential ocean liner, a global line.
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