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Ocean Liner - Exquisite Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxury Homes, Retirement Living, Private Residence Club, Vacation Homes, Luxurious Estates and Properties, Cruise Resort Club, Ocean Liner Exquisite Luxury Homes Development, Not a Cruise Ship.
Luxury Ocean Liner Staff Quarters, deck level Y Quick View, Residential Homes for staff members complete with all the amenities and services of other luxury residences. Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxury Staff Quarters Deck Level X Quick View, Furnished luxury residences for our ocean liner personnel, not a cruise ship. Travel, Residential Ocean Liner Luxurized Staff Quarters Floor Plans Quick View, Staff Luxury Residences Level W, Exquisite Living accommodations for onboard personnel, each residence inclusive of furnishings, not a cruise ship. Residential Ocean Liners, Luxury Custom Built Estate Quarters, Exquisite Luxury Estates Deck Level V Floor Plans quick view, Luxurious residences available in fractional ownership, or full ownership, World travel to global destinations. Luxurized Ocean Liner Estate Quarters, Quick View of Estates Level U, Ultimate Homes in the Caribbean, Hawaii, United States, Canada, UK, South Pacific, Caribbean Islands, enjoy World Travel living onboard in an exclusive residence. Luxury Residential Ocean Liners with Luxurized Residence Quarters, Luxury International Estates Deck Level T, Travel around the World, Compare to Residences and Homes in the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific, Private Islands. Custom Built Residential Quarters, Luxury Estates aboard Luxury Ocean Liner Exquiste, Estate Level S Quick View, An Ocean Residence complex with all of the amenities and services of an upscale private residence community, not a cruise ship. Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxurious Vacation Home, Quick View, Vacation Homes Level R, Luxury Ocean Liner Resorts with great prices on Cruise ownership Cruise Owner Ship, or fractional ownership, Cruises, Vacations, Travel. Cruise Resort Clubs, Deck Level Q Quick View, Ocean Liner Exquisite Resorts, Ocean Liner Cruises, Vacation Home Ownership Property, Holiday Homes and Residences, Cruises, Vacations and Luxury Travel, Cruise Business, not a cruise ship. Promenade and Luxury Retail Facilities, Life Boat Stations, Some Retail Areas Available For Lease, Level P Floor Plans Quick View, Shopping complex with an integrated Art Gallery, view a selection of fine art while you Shop. Residential Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, Health Sciences Center and onboard Pharmacy, Provisions International Groceries and Supplies, Deck Level O Quick View, 24 Hour Concierge Services for Residents ang guests. Luxury Cruise Resort Clubs, Vacation Home Ownership, Level N Quick View, Ocean Liner Cruise Resorts Complex, Ocean Liner Cruises, Travel and Vacations, Cruise Ownership, Fractional Ownership, Cruise Business Owner Ship Residential Ocean Liner Luxury Cruise Resort Clubs Level M Quick View, Cruise Resort Club Staterooms, Suites, and Cabins, Cruise Resort Homes, Cruise Resort Vacations, Luxury Ocean Liner Resorts with Vacation and Fractional Ownership. Residential Ocean Liner Entertainment Complex, Level L Quick View, Port, Starboard and Aft Exquisite Ocean Estates, Golf, Tennis, Billiards, Pools, Waterfalls, Casino, Golf Simulators, Entertainment and Leisure. Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, Entertainment and Leisure Complex, Deck Level K, Racquetball, Squash, Enterplex Casino Club, Movie Theaters, Custom Built Ocean Estates port starboard and Aft, Unique Private Residences at Sea. Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite, Cruise Resort Clubs Deck Level I, Exquisite Vacation Home Owner Ship, Exquisite Holiday Homes, Culinations International Restaurants, The St Croix, The Seas, Restaurant Areas Available For Lease. Residential Ocean Liner Estates, Luxury Custom Built Estates, Estate Level H Floor Plans Footprint Quick View, Luxury Liner Exquisite private residences with fractional ownership options, Oceanfront luxury homes that travel around the World, Second Homes, Winter Homes. Technology Enhanced Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, Custom Built Luxury Estates, Level G Floor plans Footprint Quick View, estate residences aboard luxurious Cruise Liners, Great Oceanfront View, Great features, The Best Place to live, an ideal place to retire. Luxury Custom Built Ocean Estates, Exquisite Estate Deck Level F, Floor plans Footprint Quick View, Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, select residences available in our exclusive fractional ownership or cruise ownership programs. Technology Appointed Residential Ocean Liners, Unique Custom Built Estates aboard Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, Ultimate Homes Deck Level E, Quick View, Elegant Homes at sea with great features and amenities, each private residence distinctive, Business Services. Custom Crafted Luxury Estates, Exquisite Level D, Quality Built Estates with Technology Enhanced Appointments, Builder Of Your Dreams Ocean Liner Dream Homes, Private ocean residences with oceanview or garden view, Ocean Front or Park front Luxury Custom Crafted Residential Estates Aboard Ocean Liner Exquisite, Level C, Floor Plans Footprint Quick View, For the Connoisseur Of Life and Exquisite Living, One Of The Seven Wonders Of The Seas Luxury Ocean Liners, The Wave. Residential Ocean Liner Luxury Penthouses, Penthouse Level B, Floor Plans Footprint Quick View, Ocean Liner Exquisite Penthouse Homes, Dream Homes Custom Built to Perfection, World Class Luxury Spa Facilities. Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxury Penthouse Estates, Deck Level A, Penthouses with Terrace, Penthouses with Verandas, Penthouses with Ocean View, Exquisite plunge pools included with each Penthouse, Floor Plans Footprint Quick View. Ocean Liner Exquisite Resorts, Exquisite Cruise Resort Club Vacation Ownership Properties, Vacation Home Ownerships, Exquisite Holiday Home Owner Ships, Exquisite Cruise Resorts Owner Ship Opportunities. Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite Cruise Resorts. Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite, Starboard Profile, 26 decks of exquisite property, penthouses, luxury estates, luxury homes, Residences, Cruise Resort Club cabins, suites and staterooms, Entertainment Complex, Shopping Complex, Business Center, Health Sciences Center, Restaurants, Luxury Ocean Liner Spa.
Click on a level to access a quick view of all decks onboard.

Select a floor plans footprint, or one of the decks above for further information and building pricing on Residential Ocean Liner Exquisite homes, estates, estate properties, luxury residences, penthouses, and resort suites, villas, cabins, or staterooms.

These are not cruise ship condos or apartments, but luxurious liners with custom crafted upscale dwellings designed specifically for living onboard, extended vacations, extended cruises, and travel.  One of the Seven Wonders Of The Seas fleet to be built, providing an ultimate lifestyle for all residents and guests who want to experience all of the real wonders in our world.

You can compare our properties and owner ship to condos, apartments, or any other type of property for sale around the world.  The sophisticated amenities, facilities, and features are comparable to the finest condo hotel, the best hotels, the best private escapes, or the most exclusive places on earth.

From here you can view all of the decks, their floor plans footprint, and access our luxury home and family vacation home prices.  Pricing varies, depending on the size, location, and type of property.  A more relaxed lifestyle with comfortable travel on the seas to global locations you can visit and explore at your leisure.  Going on an endless journey at sea, visiting islands, countries, and cities around our island earth, on a voyage of experiencing life.  A lifetime of cruises, vacations, and travel available in fractional ownership and other forms of ownerships that are catered to your needs.  Owner ship from a minimum of two week time periods to owner ships lasting months, or for a lifetime living aboard one of our seven twin hull luxurious cruise liners.

The option of owning, or share owning for private use, a business venture, or both. Regional, international, global business venture opportunities. An exclusive resort where you can relax and enjoy life with your friends and family. You don't have to worry about maintenance, everything is looked after. You don't have to worry about condo fees, there are none. You don't have to worry about property taxes, there aren't any. You don't have to worry about hurricanes, we only voyage where the climate is sunny and warm. Just about everything is included in the cost of owning.

You save your money, you invest your money to retire as soon as possible. You look forward to the day when you can retire and enjoy the better things. Everyone retires, but our style of retirement is better.

Luxury Penthouse Estates / World Class Spa A

Luxury Penthouses / Spa / Fitness Facilities B

Luxury Estates / The Wave C

Distinctive Luxury Estates D

Luxury Estates / Business and Banking Services E

Million Dollar Homes at Sea F

Luxurious Oceanfront Residences Level G

Ocean Liner Penthouse Estates Level A Luxury Penthouses at Sea, World Class Spa and Martial Arts Fitness Center, Deck Plans Footprint Penthouse Level A. Penthouse Estates Level B, Luxury Ocean going Penthouses, World Class Luxury Spa Facilities, Deck Floor Plans Footprint. Luxury Estates, Deck Plans Level C, Luxurious Ocean Liner Residences, The Wave special events and special occasions area, not a Cruise Ship. Distinctive luxury estates, Deck Level D deck plans footprint. Exquisite Homes Complex, Luxury Estates level E Deck Plans footprint, Luxury Residences port starboard and aft, Business Services Center, Bank, Financial Services, Ocean Environment Research Center. Million Dollar Homes, Billion Dollar Ocean Liners, Deck Plans level F Luxury Residences. Ocean Liner Deck Plans, Level G, Custom Homes footprints, four parks, Oceanfront properties.

Luxurious Homes and Ocean Residences H

Cruise Resort Clubs Vacation Residence / Restaurants I

Cruise Resort Clubs Suites / Stateroom / Culinations Restaurants J

Enterplex Entertainment and Leisure Complex / Casino / Ocean Estates Deck K

Enterplex Entertainment and Leisure Complex / Oceanfront Properties L

Cruise Resort Club Exclusive Vacation Ownership M

Cruise Resorts Club Upscale Vacation Property N

Deck Level H Floor plans footprint, Exquisite Luxury Homes custom crafted to suit, 4 Parks with garden view, Oceanfront Residences, or Garden View Residences. Deck Level I Deck Plans, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Exquisite Cruises, vacations and travel aboard the most luxurious liners in the world, Culinations Restaurants Aft, A dozen unique restaurants with fine or casual dining, The St Croix, The Seas, International Cuisine, Not a cruise ship. Cruise Resort Clubs deck level J, Culinations Restaurants, Deck Plans of Level J Vacation properties in the ocean liner resorts complex. Ocean Estates, Port, Starboard, Aft, Entertainment and Leisure Complex, Deck Floor Plans Level K, Golf simulators, Luxury Movie Theaters, Variable View Concert Stage, Casino Enterplex, Casino Games. Entertainment Complex, Deck Plans Deck Level L Ocean Estates, Ocean View Luxury Residences with direct access to the Entertainment and leisure level, Golf Practice course, Golf simulators, Swimming pools, Tennis, Basketball, Competitions Lounge, Racquetball, Luxury Movie Theaters and More. Cruise Resort Club, Deck Level M Deck Plans footprint, Not a cruise ship, Luxury Ocean Liner Vacations, Luxury Ocean Liner Cruises, International Travel to Interesting Destinations, Exclusive Luxury Resorts, Exquisite ocean liner travel, Caribbean ?. Cruise Resort Club vacation residences deck plans of suites, stateroom accommodations in our ocean liner luxury resorts.

Health Sciences Center / Provisions / Groceries / Concierge O

Promenade Deck / Retail Shopping / Art Gallery / Life Boats Level P Cruise Resorts, International Holiday Quarters Q Cruise Resorts, Suites / Staterooms R Residential Estate Living Quarters S Residential Estate Living Quarters T Custom Built Home U
Health Sciences Center Fore, Deck Level O deck Plans, Provisions International Groceries Aft. Promenade Deck, Deck Level P, Exquisite Shopping Complex, Exquisite Art Gallery, The only Ocean Liner Shopping Complex in the world. Deck level Q floor plans footprint, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs. Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs Deck Plans, Deck Level R, Exquisite Ocean Liner Luxury Resorts. Deck Plans footprint, Deck Level S Luxury Residences, International Ocean Liner Residences. Deck Level T, Ocean Liner Deck Plans, not a cruise ship. Deck Level U, Ocean Liner Deck Plans, not a cruise ship.
Quarter Residence V Staff Quarter W Staff Living Quarters X Personnel Quarters Y Engineering Stores / Resident Storage Z
Staff living
All Exquisite Levels Exquisite Health Sciences / Provisions
Exquisite Penthouses / Spa Exquisite Shopping Complex / Art Gallery
Exquisite Luxury Oceanfront Estates Exquisite Vacation Homes Levels Q - R
Exquisite Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs I - J Exquisite Estate Suites S T U V
Exquisite Enterplex Entertainment / Leisure Exquisite Staff Suites / Engineering
Exquisite Vacation Homes Levels M - N Our Luxury Homes Development
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Your Endless Voyage Home

Residential Ocean Liners Inc., Ocean Home, Homes for sale, Vacation Home, vacation homes for sale, Ocean Residence, Residences for sale, Cruise Business, Luxury Residential Cruise Liner.

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Residential Luxury Ocean Liners, Ocean Liner Experience, Luxury Homes, Luxury Cruise Resort Clubs, Luxury Resort Owner Ships, Luxury Vacation Home Ownerships, Luxury Cruises, Experience Luxury Living, Vacations, Cruises, Travel, the most luxurious ocean liners with the most luxurious penthouse properties, estates, suites, staterooms, estate living quarters, with the best amenities, features, and lifestyle in a place to live. Luxury Ocean Liners, Seven Wonders Of The Seas Excellence -Your Endless Voyage Home - Custom Designed and Built Residential / Commercial / Resort Properties - International Estates - Cruise Resorts Club - Vacation Home Ownerships - Luxury Cruises - Tropical Islands - Ocean Liner Resorts - Custom Built Estates - Penthouses - Luxury Homes - Residences - Travel - Lifestyle - The Best. Luxury Ocean Liner Expectation, Luxury Estates, Luxury Cruise Resort Clubs, Luxury vacation home owner ships, Luxury Living, Fulfill Your lifestyle Expectations, Your Endless Voyage Home at Sea Aboard Residential Luxury Ocean Liner, world travel, vacations, cruises, vacation homes, fractional ownership, cruise ownership, cruise business owner ships, private residence club, Exclusive luxury resorts on the high seas. Seven Wonders Of The Seas - Ocean Liner Expression, Your Endless Voyage Home, Luxury Residential Estate Properties, Penthouse Property, Vacation Owner Ships, Cruise Resort Clubs, Luxury travel, vacation ownership, cruise aboard the Worlds most luxurious cruise liners, homes, estates, resorts, exclusive and private lifestyle living, golf, escapes, entertainmment, casino, ideal climate, the best places to retire, perfect homes, great amenities, hospitality, services, business, privacy, and security. Exquisite, International Estates, Exquisite Luxury Residential Estate Properties, Cruise Resort Club, Vacation Home Ownership, Security, Technology, Luxury Resorts, Ocean Liner Luxury Homes, Seven Wonders Of The Seas Ocean Liner Exquisite, resort property aboard a luxurious ocean liner, residences, the finest resort, hotel, apartment, condo in the world, the best available, Exclusive luxury resorts, travel, vacation, cruise, fractional ownership, cruise owner ship, home ownerships, twin hull comfort. Wonder Of The Seas Extravagance, Luxury Ocean Liner Home, Penthouse, Estate, Resort Residences, Cruise resort club suite and stateroom accommodations, vacation ownership, fractional ownership, options, choices, Dream Home At Sea, Residential Luxury Ocean Liners - The Worlds most luxurious with the best of everything, endless vacations, endless cruises, international travel, exclusive luxury resort, Live in the Caribbean, Live in Hawaii, the best place to live or retire with the best cilmate. Extreme Homes, Extremely Luxurious Estates, Ocean Liner Extreme Cruise Resort Clubs, Vacation Homes, Vacation Home Owner Ships, Fractional Ownership, Luxury Living, Travel The Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific, Tropical Islands, Europe, Mediterranean, Aboard Residential Luxury Ocean Liners, Extreme homes with extremely luxurious features and amenities, biometric security, leisure, golf, health sciences center, promenade shopping complex, business and banking services, financial service, business suites.

As a connoisseur of life, experience the exquisite expression of extravagance, with the expectation of extreme excellence, aboard a technology advanced, twin hull, luxury Residential Ocean Liner , The world's most luxurious.

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World ocean liner luxury home choices, family vacation homes, cruise business, owner ship, cruises, vacations, travel, and world living.

If you have any questions about our luxurious liners, our resort club, business, our global resorts, our international ship residences, our private residence club on the sea, hotel services, our global properties, our cruises, our family resort, cruise ownership, vacation ownerships, or fractional ownership programs - just ask e-mail contacts for -

We have ideal places to live and enjoy retirement living at the finest resorts.  Perfect second residence options, an ultimate retirement home or winter escape option.  Best place to retire, relax, and enjoy life. Compare to other international real estate for sale. Compare to a condo development investment, the opportunity and value.

The Largest Residential Cruise Ship In The World

Beyond what You could Imagine, global living aboard our twin hull  residential ocean liner, a global line.
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