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Exquisite Homes, Luxury Ocean Liner Homes, Seven Wonders Of The Seas Luxury Ocean Liner Exquisite, Commercial - Residential - Resorts - Complex, Family Home at Sea, Penthouses with Pools, Estates, Staterooms, Suites, Business Services, Entertainment and More aboard twin hull Residential Cruise Liner Exquisite.

Residential Ocean Liner Caribbean Escapes and Exotic Islands, One of the Numerous Advantages as a Residence Owner, Great Place To Live life and enjoy a luxury lifestyle for as long as you want.

Luxury cruises, family resort homes, aboard luxurious ocean liners.  The basic design and development of all segments in this venture have been endlessly enhanced and improved.  We have looked into every option that has been available over the years, and decided to change a few of our development plans, from normal every day active life, to re-think retirement living, and what retire or retiring means.

At one time we considered the acquisition of a retired cruise ship, refitting, and building to suit our program, but most of the retired cruise ships available were older, with very small staterooms, (cabins), operate on fuel sources which are not healthy for our environment, and pollute our environment from the discharge of sewage.  This would prove to be a waste of money.

Although the cost of acquiring these retired cruise ships was relatively inexpensive, the operational costs and maintenance fees were astounding.  The actual cost to change power plants to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and install sewage treatment facilities that would be better environmentally than currently used would not be cost effective.  During this initial determination, we also considered acquisition for fractional ownership, timeshare, or share owning, but this too, proved to be without merit considering the age.  Once the retired ship is completely refurbished, asset retention diminishes rapidly, making our investments depreciate.  Given the age and operational expectation of each ship we surveyed, there was little or no real value to our investors, appreciation would be nil, investment depreciation extremely rapid.

This is one of the reasons why these older cruise ships were no longer in use.  You won't make a fortune from clients on investments by buying old worn ships, converting the small cabin to a condo and putting the condos up for sale.  You could purchase a used unit, rebuild it, refit it to meet current standards, and sell a couple decks of condos for what some of the costs would be. BUT, to have a goal that would be of considerable future value to your investors or their heirs, you you would have to spend a fortune.

We want our clients to be pleased with investing in a lifestyle living onboard.

For instance - if you consider an average initial outlay of $320,000.00 or more, for a 100 sq. ft. cabin, on a 30 - 35 year old cruise ship, with an average maximum use period of 10 to 15 years (if possible), at 20 this works out to a fixed cost of $16,000.00 per year, plus operating costs of $7,000 - $20,000, which at the end of the period leaves you with a 50 to 55 year old unit.  A great fixer upper you can have right now, if you can afford the money it would cost to maintain, not to mention the price our environment would pay, and the future fuel costs.  If the annual operating costs were around 8 million, and there were 300 units on the cruise ship, it would cost each condo owner about $27,000 for the first year.  As food and fuel costs rise, who knows what it will be if you look toward the future. You could rent the unit out, but you won't make a fortune, and would only get about 1/4 of the rental income that a new cruise liner would generate.

If you apply the same consideration, to a new luxury home three times the size (Deck Level V, 325 sq ft), with a minimum 50 - 60 Year use period, at an approximate cost of $208,346.42, the averaged annual cost is $4,166.93 inclusive of assessment fee, at 20 years 10,417.32 maintenance included, and you own a unit, with the latest in state of the art technology, three times the size, and at the end of the time period will leave you with a 20 or 50 - 60 year old ship with many options for continued use that have been pre-planned. Of course both consideration instances are subject to the future.

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Anther important factor we looked at, was the speed.  These older cruise ships didn't have the ability to outrun a hurricane, and were not stable enough in the water to withstand a hurricane.  Even a brand new cruise ship would not be near as stable as our twin hull super liner.

Cruise ship rolls - tilting at sea

By investing additional resources, developing a distinctive and universal program, we therefore decided to build new ocean liners, with twin hulls, using alternative fuel and extensive renewable energy sources, custom features, luxurized appointments, integrated technology, great amenities, and longevity, including an exclusive contingency plan.  Not a cruise ship, on the contrary, ultra luxurious ocean liners.  The most technologically advanced resident complex, designed with maximum comfort and convenience giving you the right return on life's experiences.

We have integrated into our resorts area, vacation ownership programs similar to time shares or timeshares with the ability for owners to operate their property as a cruise business.  An international, regional, or global vacationing product, giving individuals or companies the opportunity to buy accommodations and provide rentals for cruises and vacations.

More than vacations, travel, and cruises, A lifestyle.

Seven Wonders Of The Seas

Luxury Ocean Liner

Ocean Liner Exquisite, Luxurious Homes, Luxury Penthouses, Luxury Estates, Exquisite Residences, Staff Suites, Cruise Resort Vacation Clubs, Exquisite Vacation Homes, The Best Place to Live, take a cruise, a vacation, or retire.

Exquisite Deck Levels: 

From the top, Penthouses, Estates, Resorts, Entertainment, Amenities, Vacations, Holidays, Quarters.  If You are looking for a retirement residence, a place to live with security and comfort, living aboard one of our luxurious ocean liners could be what you want ?   A wide selection of what we have to offer for sale thus far.  Floorplans of all twenty six levels from A to Z, of specific home floorplans will be available.

Floor Plans Port Side

Floor Plans Starboard Side

Luxurious Penthouse Properties :

2 Levels of nothing but penthouse homes, penthouses available in eighty eight different layouts with infinite floor plan possibilities.  Each luxurious dwelling to be a masterpiece, intricately detailed to perfection.  Penthouses, aft, on port or starboard side of the two hulls, have wrap around oceanfront corner terraces / verandas, for spectacular views.  Plunge pools are a standard feature in all units on levels A and B.  We are building, one bedroom, two bedroom, three or four bedrooms, or more if desired with a matching number of full baths depending on the size.  Gourmet kitchens are also standard features in all of the larger units.  Two floor units can be acquired by obtaining the property above, or below, depending on the level.

Our World C Spa and martial arts fitness center, 2 floors embracing over 26,000 square feet, where you can study ancient disciplines, and self defense forms from masters of their art, stay in shape, or pamper yourself with one or more of the treatments available at our spas.

World Class Spa
Exquisite Estate Homes :

Private residential estates you can use to live aboard full time or part time. Unique executive estates with an oceanfront terrace / veranda, or a garden view lanai, loaded with great technology features and enhancements.  Living in paradise, onboard one of the Seven Wonders of The Seas will rival many places in the world.  Exemplary amenities, superior accommodations, ideal living conditions, perfect views.  Whether you're looking to retire at a private residence club, or want a unique and safe place to live, one of these properties may interest you.  Ranging is size, from smallest, at 375 square feet, to the largest, at 8,375 square feet, on levels C D E F G H K and L, There is a great selection of various layouts, locations, and floorplans.  Designer products, will be used in every aspect of construction, from high end appliances, and bathroom fixtures, to unique floor coverings, and accessories. Areas available for corporate meetings, conferences, and trade shows at The Wave.  We have a business services center, complete with banking and financial services.

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Private Residence Club On The Ocean

Luxury Cruise Resort Club Vacation Homes :

Exquisite resorts, with standard cruise vacations, as well as many forms of exclusive owner ship programs that can be catered to your needs.  Minimum two week cruises that will give you time to relax and enjoy life at leisure with your family and friends.  An alternative to standard cruise options will include programming similar to timeshare, or other types of shared owning.  We have fractional ownerships available, with programs that can be catered to each person or company to maximize their investment goals.  The suites, staterooms, and cabins on these six decks range in size from smallest of 200 sq ft to the largest at 3,730 Sq Ft, and are being built for private use, and / or cruise business use.  If You would like a suite, cabin, or stateroom with an oceanview, there are many outside units with a terrace / verandah / private balcony.

The choice to buy properties and use them to make money.  Our cruise business partnership program gives you the option to purchase a shared interest or full interest, in one property, or as many properties as you want.  You can rent these out to the general public, anywhere or everywhere in the world we travel.  The option of owning a regional, international, or global ocean liner cruise business. If you invest in property for income potential, and would like to have it managed, we have a 10% management fee.

Levels I and J house Culinations restaurants, an array of cuisine choices from assorted cultures from around the world, assembled in one locale and accessible from connoisseurs corridor. The finest food, the finest wine, the perfect atmosphere, the best place to live.

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Luxury Estate Quarter Homes: 

Decks below the promenade in our development, are referred to as living quarters or suites.  Estate choices on these levels range from 325 Sq. Ft. to 2,850 Sq. Ft., and are entirely custom crafted.  There are many choices to meet different requirements.  The size of these dwellings can be increased by the acquisition of an additional estate if you so desire.  A great number of port and starboard residences have porthole windows, offering views of your location.  Units without windows, have our integrated full view systems, giving you the same view as a porthole, only on a flat screen high definition monitor, mounted in the main living area.  The layout of each unit is unique to the owners preference, custom tailored to meet their requirements.  Everything is newly built, and will be detailed to perfection, to provide you with, the best possible.

Fractional Ownership

Shopping Complex / Art Gallery Health Care


Staff Homes: 

Homes with similar technology and unique features as other staterooms aboard.  Quality amenities, appliances, sophisticated computer systems, furnishings are all standard in each suite.  Staff living quarters, are available to clients holding lease agreements for onboard operations.

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Inclusive Features - Golf - Scuba Diving - Adventure  
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The Best Place to Live - A Better Place To Live

The rest of our fleet that will be developed.
 Luxury Ocean Liners, Luxury Life Style with Zest, International Ocean Liner Travel, See The World, Luxury Estates, Penthouses, Estate Quarters, Staterooms and Suites, Great Views, Perfect Climate, The Best Location.
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As a connoisseur of life, experience the exquisite expression of extravagance, with the expectation of extreme excellence, aboard a technology advanced, twin hull, luxury Residential Ocean Liner , The world's most luxurious.

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If you have any questions about our luxurious liners, our resort club, business, our global resorts, our international ship residences, our private residence club on the sea, hotel services, our global properties, our cruises, our family resort, cruise ownership, vacation ownerships, or fractional ownership programs - just ask e-mail contacts for -

We have ideal places to live and enjoy retirement living at the finest resorts.  Perfect second residence options, an ultimate retirement home or winter escape option.  Best place to retire, relax, and enjoy life. Compare to other international real estate for sale. Compare to a condo development investment, the opportunity and value.

The Largest Residential Cruise Ship In The World

Beyond what You could Imagine, global living aboard our twin hull  residential ocean liner, a global line.
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