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Available, direct from the only residential ocean liner builder in the world.  Our twin hull cruise liners are very different from a cruise ship.  We specialize in building twin hull super liners that are very environmentally friendly, operating on alternative energy and renewable fuel sources.  We utilize alternative fuel technologies including, solar power, wind power, hybrid energy, and other advanced technology wherever possible. This effectively reduces or eliminates the use of fossil fuel.

Our advanced building process will maintain a production flow that sustains productivity and superior quality in all our products.  This in return gives you a precision made product built to endure.

The possibilities and possible uses are endless.  Reconfiguration and/or an adjustment in infrastructure makes our twin hull super structures very versatile.

Once you own, the cost of owning and operating remains constant, well into the future.

  • The choice to purchase one deck level, two decks, or more

  • You can own and operate a private resort

  • You can create or add a private residence club to an existing business

  • The option to buy a complete complex and operate your own line

  • The option to share owning with others, using our fractional ownership

  • Hotel, Condo Hotel Development

  • There are no hurricanes or cyclones to worry about

  • Military and/or Naval use

  • Supply chain use

  • Humanitarian / Philanthropy

  • Exclusive Escape, Exclusive Corporate Escape

  • Passenger transportation

  • Vacation home ownership development

  • Cruise Business - Regional - Global - International Developer

  • Mixed use, Condo, Apartment, Home, Retirement Community


Living Area Sq Ft


Penthouse A

148,800 +


Penthouse B

175,286 +


Luxury Estates C

135,662 +


Luxury Estates D

211,375 +


Luxury Estates E

196,505 +


Luxury Estates F

269,742 +


Luxury Estates G

269,056 +


Luxury Estates H

284,128 +


Cruise Resort Clubs I

200,875 +


Cruise Resort Clubs J

199,025 +


Luxury Estates K

144,080 +


Luxury Estates L

139,560 +


Cruise Resorts M

239,360 +


Cruise Resorts N

244,510 +


Cruise Resorts Q

174,728 +


Cruise Resorts R

175,648 +


Estate Living Quarters S

182,928 +


Estate Living Quarters T

179,428 +


Estate Living Quarters U

134,280 +


Estate Living Quarters V

133,530 +



3,838,506 +


All measurements and prices are approximate, and subject to change.








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