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Ocean Liners

The world's largest and world's most luxurious.

Residential Ocean Liner Experience, Ocean Super Liner Homes at Sea

Our residential cruise liners, have been in the development stage for well over a decade and a half. Due to a few global circumstances beyond our control, the development has been changed a couple of times.  This has allowed our group to improve our product and provide our clients with something even better than initially planned.

Experience Luxury homes

Experience Specifications

Custom designed, crafted & built luxury properties.

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Penthouses, estates, resorts

Ideal Place to Live

Global residences.

Retirement living.

Residential Ocean Liner Expectation, Ocean View Estates, Custom Penthouse Homes, Quality Residences, Cruise Resort Clubs Vacation Ownerships, Your Endless Voyage Home at Sea.

Technologically enhanced


Intelligent home automation.

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Porthole view systems.

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Biometric security.

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Integrated infrastructures.

Elegant Luxury Properties

Fractional Ownership

Residential Ocean Liner Excellence, Corporate or Private Luxury International Homes at Sea, Ocean View or Full View Systems, Biometric Security, Unique Super Liner Amenities.

Browse through our site, we believe we have something for every desire.


   Luxurized infrastructure.  

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International travel.

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Cruises and Holidays.

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Exclusive OwnerShips.

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Residence Club

Custom Homes

International Residences
  Global Living

Ocean going Estate Homes Aboard Super Liner - Expression by Residential Ocean Liners. Superior Quality, Exotic Travel, Private Escapes.

Advanced Security



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Exclusive island retreats

Magnificent Designer Homes

Business services


Ocean Super Liner Extreme, Ocean going International Homes, Custom Crafted Penthouse, Residential & Quarter Estates.  As a Connoisseur of Life Experience Living Beyond Your Expectation.

Private escapes



Health Sciences Center

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Provisions Grocery Store

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World Shopping Center

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Entertainer Venues

Live Onboard - Not A Cruise Ship


Super Liner Extravagance, Residential Floor Plans Footprint, Levels A to Z.

Entertainment and Leisure Complex

Golf, Scuba Diving, Water Sports


Life in style

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World travel

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 Tropical islands

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Extended visits at destinations

Residence at Sea - Compare to Island Homes

Vacation home ownerships

Decks and Levels Aboard Residential Super Liner Exquisite.  A to Z Floor Plans Footprints.

Unique, ocean liner, corporate or private, luxurious homes at sea.


Fractional residence owners

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or resort owner

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OwnerShip residences

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Cruise Resort Vacation Club

Luxury Cruises - Retirement - Living

Cruising Business Owner Ships

Places to live onboard, places you can buy for a lifetime of cruises and vacations.

Dream liner cabins, suites and staterooms. Property the size of condos or family apartments to estate size property.  A choice of owning, or share owning, and experience something better.


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Residential Ocean Liners Inc. Ocean Home, Vacation Home, Ocean Residence, Cruise Business.

Your Endless Voyage Home

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As a connoisseur of life, experience the exquisite expression of extravagance, with the expectation of extreme excellence, aboard a technology advanced, twin hull, luxury Residential Ocean Liner , The world's most luxurious.

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World ocean liner luxury home choices, family vacation homes, cruise business, owner ship, cruises, vacations, travel, and world living.

If you have any questions about our luxurious liners, our resort club, business, our global resorts, our international ship residences, our private residence club on the sea, hotel services, our global properties, our cruises, our family resort, cruise ownership, vacation ownerships, or fractional ownership programs - just ask e-mail contacts for -

We have ideal places to live and enjoy retirement living at the finest resorts.  Perfect second residence options, an ultimate retirement home or winter escape option.  Best place to retire, relax, and enjoy life. Compare to other international real estate for sale. Compare to a condo development investment, the opportunity and value.

The Largest Residential Cruise Ship In The World

Beyond what You could Imagine, global living aboard our twin hull  residential ocean liner, a global line.
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